This program is designed for new estimators, more experienced estimators who have never been exposed to formal training, and other construction professionals who want to better understand the methods by which sitework construction cost estimates are developed. This course will cover all the tasks required to develop an accurate sitework estimate. Students learn to calculate work quantities from engineering drawings, correctly adjust for material swell and shrink, assemble efficient crews, and determine productivity.

The program is divided into three sections: Estimating Earthwork Construction, Estimating Underground Utilities, and Estimating Roadwork and Paving. Students can attend the full five-day Estimating Sitework Construction course or any of the three individual sections.

This course consists of a full week of hands-on training in sitework estimating. It will enormously improve and complement your knowledge and experience in sitework construction. Learn the concise and proper methods required to prepare thorough, organized cost estimates. Learn how to avoid the many problems associated with this complex and demanding scope of work. The training provided will enable you to effectively evaluate the extreme range of sitework price quotations that are often received by the general contractor.

The course objectives are to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to assemble and organize all elements of an accurate sitework estimate by using conventional and automated methods. Testing and practical application of the skills you will learn is accomplished throughout this course with a series of hands-on exercises and problem-solving challenges and discussions.

Who should take a sitework estimating course´┐Ż

Beginning to intermediate Estimators
Anyone who quantifies cut and fill, underground utilities or road-building
Real Estate Developers
General Contractors
Project Managers

On completion, students will be able to...

Put into practice real-life methods for determining job costs
Use essential formats for clearly estimating equipment, labor, material and other service costs related to completing a project
Assess and decide how a variety of physical site complexities may affect the estimated cost of a project. Use methods to counteract these variances
Better identify and interpret general site conditions, special conditions and technical specifications associated with sitework projects

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