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Estimating earthwork construction represents many assumptions and unknowns. Because of this, it is this portion of the construction project that represents the greatest financial risk to the contractor. The most effective way to minimize your risk is to increase your knowledge and improve your skills in estimating earthwork quantities. This two-day course will teach the estimator correct guidelines for verifying quantities, adjusting soil swell and shrink, selecting efficient equipment and determining productivity.

Who should take this course�

Beginning to intermediate Estimators
Anyone who quantifies cut and fill, underground utilities or road-building
DOT Employees
Real Estate Developers
General Contractors
Project Managers

What you will learn�

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:
Accurately measure quantities of cut and fill by each of the three generally accepted methods of measurement:
(1) average end area method
(2) grid cell method
(3) digitizer method.
Properly adjust the measured quantities of cut and fill, allowing for swell and shrink based on soil type and operation.
Select appropriate equipment, both size and type, that represents a cost-efficient approach to constructing the earthwork portion of the project.
Determine accurate productivity rates for projects based on soil conditions, site restrictions, excavating depths, special requirements, etc.
Zero in on the true cost that incurs in the operation of specific machines.
Extend the production cost estimate of a project by using the crew analysis method of estimating.
Complete the earthwork estimate by combining the production estimate with the fixed costs in earthmoving.
Convert the cost estimate to a correct bid by incorporating the four basic pricing premises:
(1) Business Plan Pricing
(2) Asset Utilization
(3) Risk Analysis
(4) Market Conditions


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